A Peek into My Workweek:


Kicking off the week with a thorough review of an Informed Consent Form (ICF) for an experimental cancer treatment. My role as a reviewer involves scrutinizing the translation to ensure it accurately conveys how the study drug works, what participants can expect during visits, potential risks and side effects, and GDPR-compliant data protection measures.

I also pay close attention to tailoring the language for the target audience, Today’s task includes a multimedia package for the youngest patients, featuring cartoons and animated clips. Translating these materials is on my to-do list, with a colleague handling the final review.


A day filled with smaller tasks awaits. I start with a final check of proofs for a brochure on a cutting-edge insulation system I previously translated. Ensuring everything is in its proper place, hyphens are where they should be, and nothing has been inadvertently left untranslated is my focus. Next, I tackle an update to the user interface of a medical software program I’ve been closely involved with for years.

After lunch, I work on translating the communication protocol for medical visitors from a major medical device supplier. Additionally, I take time to revise a Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) for a medicine that will soon be on the market.


The morning begins with a project meeting regarding a new end client. The agency and I have already agreed on rates and payment terms, allowing us to dive into the subject matter. This project involves creating a series of e-learning courses for an international tech company. We opt for a staggered delivery approach to incorporate feedback from tech experts as we move forward. I mention my availability to start working on the first part next week, which greatly pleases the agency. A couple of hours later, a purchase order lands in my inbox, complete with all the project files.

After ensuring all is in order, I confirm receipt and put the files in a dedicated folder. Meanwhile, I’ve also received files for another project that will occupy me for the remainder of the week—the maintenance manual for a ventilator.


About an hour into my work on the ventilator, I receive an urgent email from one of my regular clients. Their translator has fallen ill—could I step in? It concerns the translation of terms and conditions and a privacy statement for a British sustainability startup expanding into the Netherlands. Thankfully, I always leave some flexibility in my deadlines, often filling these slots with “rush jobs” like the one at hand.

By day’s end, the client is satisfied, and so am I. Tomorrow may be a bit hectic, so I set an early alarm.


Fridays typically involve discussing weekend plans with clients and colleagues, as a friendly chat is a must. Working from home means that some days, my only companions are my four-legged furry friends! 🐾🐾🐾🐾 (Their weekend plans? Eat, play, snooze).

Thanks to the early start, I complete my work much sooner than anticipated. This gives me the time to catch up on paperwork, run my daily backup, and tidy up my digital filing system. Following the delivery of a text, I remain on standby for questions or issues, necessitating quick action. An efficiently organized digital filing system proves invaluable.


What, working on the weekend? Not a chance! Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief.

The tech company I’ll be collaborating with next week has devised innovative energy-saving solutions. It’s quite interesting to delve into their work and bookmark intriguing websites related to the subject.

And now, let the weekend begin! This time, I’m joining our furry friends in their activities: eating, playing, and resting. With 25 years of experience as a self-employed professional, I’ve become adept at maintaining a healthy work-life balance. During the week, it’s all about tackling complex tasks, while the weekend is reserved for embracing life’s simple pleasures. It’s my way of rejuvenating and staying focused.

Curious to discover more? Don’t hesitate to ask for my portfolio!