For whom

“Anything to do with language is fun” was my motto for a long time. But let’s be honest: there must also be some money in it. Unfortunately, many wonderful and valuable tasks in modern society are underpaid.

I mainly offer my services to businesses and (health care) organisations, although I’ve also translated poems and books, rewritten wedding speeches and edited websites for a few NGOs.

I work for direct clients and indirect clients.

Direct clients include international businesses launching their products or services on the Dutch market, organisations working on public health issues and local companies importing from or exporting to English-speaking regions. Once in a while, I work for self-publishing professionals. Sometimes, this involves rewriting the (translated) text, infusing it with clear language to better connect with the target audience. Other times, a completely new text is created in collaboration with the client, in which case I tend to be more of a copywriter/ghostwriter than a translator/editor.

Indirect clients include translation agencies, communication agencies and organisations coordinating, executing and documenting research, for example for the pharmaceutical industry. Global corporations often outsource project management for large numbers of language combinations to such agencies and organisations. They then hire me for translation and proofreading services within the language combination English <> Dutch.

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