Welcome! My name is Nicki de Kler, owner of Nanika Services. I offer linguistic services for the language combination English <> Dutch.

I firmly believe that in a society brimming with information, clear communication is a fundamental right. When dealing with specialized products or services, using the appropriate language becomes crucial, and this is where I can assist you.

I deeply engage with your subject matter and, if necessary, consult with your experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of your product or service. Subsequently, I tailor your message to suit your intended audience. For instance, content intended for doctors necessitates different terminology, tone, and emphasis compared to content meant for patients.

My most sought-after service is translation of medical, technical and legal texts. Furthermore, I refine texts to enhance their coherence and clarity through editing. Finally, I add the final polish to texts authored or translated by others on your behalf through proofreading.

Curious to discover more? Don’t hesitate to ask for my portfolio!