Welcome! My name is Nicki de Kler, owner of Nanika Services. I offer linguistic consultancy services for the language combination English < > Dutch.

Everyone deserves to be met at their linguistic level, in clear language. This may seem like a no-brainer, but hyperfocus on the highly specialised content of your product or service often prevents you from finetuning the wording to accommodate your target audience. And that’s exactly what I can do for you.

I’ll familiarise myself with your subject matter and, if necessary, I’ll talk to your experts to understand exactly what your product or service is about. Then I’ll work on getting your message across in a way that suits your target audience. For example, a text addressing doctors requires completely different terminology, tone of voice and emphasis than a text addressing patients.

My most requested service is translation. I’ll translate all your English texts about your products and services into Dutch.

I also provide compliance assistance. If you’re lost in the maze of Dutch rules and regulations you must comply with when launching your product or service in the Dutch market, I can assist by comparing your existing documentation against the requirements, and if anything is missing, I’ll translate the requirements so that you know exactly what you need to do.

Furthermore, you can benefit from my professional input to improve the readability and flow of texts you’ve written or had translated by others (proofreading, rewriting).

Although I can handle a wide range of subjects (from general business communications to technical, medical, and legal), I particularly enjoy adding value to medical and health care projects.



Graduated with honours, Maastricht School of Translation and interpreting (Japanese, English), specialising in Medicine and Biology


Various jobs gaining business experience, amongst others as localisation manager for a medium-sized ERP software company


Independent linguistic consultant at Nanika Services

If you want more information, my portfolio is available upon request!