We’re in this together

Do you offer <b>sustainable products or services<b> that are beneficial to the regenerative and distributive economy of the future?

And are you looking to introduce those products in The Netherlands?

Then you may need an in-country linguistic partner, people who can delve into the niche you want to explore, researchers and writers delivering original yet meaningful content.

You’ll be delighted to know that as a versatile and experienced linguistic consultant, Nanika Services can take care of your texts, writing, editing or translating them, whichever is needed.

Nanika Services was founded by a voracious researcher, with 20 years of experience in handling all types of texts, predominantly in the medical, technical, scientific and legal fields. Since 1998 we’ve been offering our services to numerous companies and institutions all over the world.

If your sustainable products and services help the world to get going on that wonderfully inclusive economy, then let’s work together to make it happen.